Dear Thought Leaders,

Imagine if you could get instant credibility with your audience?

  • To be seen as the expert in your field
  • To gain worldwide reach impacting millions with your message
  • To become the top thought leader your capable of 
  • To have more (of the right) connections
  • To positively influence, impact and gain more clients 
  • To be featured in top media outlets
  • To gain paid speaking gigs
  • Even landing yourself a book deal 

Good news. You can. This is all possible from achieving your own TEDx talk. It is why a TEDx is so valuable, it all starts with your decision to make it happen and doing the (right) work to get it booked!


If you've ever wondered how others achieve TEDx and why can't it be you? 


Here's the secret...


The reality is many are overwhelmed with all the things they could do, they are unable to carve out the time needed amoung everthing else they have going on.  If they do make the time, then it's not clear where to start, what is the best use of their time or what is the next step to take?  


After all this, if they are actually doing consistent work to make it happen, they can still repeatedly get passed over by someone who has cracked the code to get on the TEDx stage. Someone with some "insider" knowledge or hacks (like I have gained). As well as my own TEDx, I have interviewed many other TEDx speakers, TEDx organisers and helped people around the world apply what it takes to get on the "red dot".


Every month, there are up to two hundred TEDx events all over the world, so your opportunity is there. This also means lots of these events are closing their speaker applications within the coming months as well. If you are interested in doing a TEDx Talk in the next six to twelve months from now, this message is for you!  


*If you wanted to do one before that, this is your reality check, chances are you've already missed out on that event (Don't let another one slip past you). 


Make no mistake, it is hard to get accepted, event organisers are usually overwhelmed with applications, but I believe everyone has the opportunity to do a TEDx talk (if they choose). You just need:

  • A clear step by step process to follow
  • A system to accelerate their TEDx journey
  • Accountability to not let this go to "maybe next year"
  • Expert advice from actual experience of going through what you are.
  • Group and indivdual support
  • Individual actions and feedback week by week to never get "stuck"
  • Insider connections and "hacks" to the red dot
  • To make a clear decision and commitment to make the TEDx happen!

Don't take it all on alone, lets talk (below).


*Disclaimer - The TalkXcelerator is not affiliated with TED or TEDx*


If not now, when?


Obviously there is always an exception to the rule, maybe a TEDx organiser will "discover you" *note - this is rare!  If you don't find your own solution to getting on that TEDx stage, months (and years) will fly and the reality is it may never happen unless you stop for a minute to make your stand.  A lot of people I speak to have put a TED-style talk on their bucket list as something that they put off for the future...


This can be a long process even when your doing everything you can, timing is never perfect, but the best time to begin is always today (no matter how small the action - deciding to speak to me is one!).


If your anything like me, you will not want to wait around for the rare chance of a TEDx event reaching out to you "someday". Why wait, there will always be "reasons" you can tell yourself, a better idea, more experience, more time to rehearse, more breathing room.​  Just know these reasons or more accurately excuses will always be there. Start to get the benefits of giving this talk sooner rather than later.

There is another way.


Some key question's on my clients minds...


"What is my idea worth sharing or is my idea worth sharing?"


This is why I have dedicated an entire training module specifically to this, it is why it is constantly reviewed through the process and you are always able to "bounce" your potential adjustments or new versions of your idea to me and the community.  The TEDx is a specifc platform and there are some idea's that will fly and some that just don't fit this stage - We have you covered so you don't waste your opportunity with an organiser.


"I need the right connections, can you help?"


I have an ever growing list of organisers that I have interviewed and built a relationship with.  These full raw video interview's are exclusively part of the TalkXcelerator program.  Every organiser and event is different.  To make sure you get some specific "insider" information to increase your chances I guarantee at least one interview specifically arranged, recorded and added to our members "vault" from the list you create as part of the TalkXcelerator process.  We also cover the right way of contacting and connecting with decision makers inside the training modules.


Many clients come to me unclear in what it takes to make onto the Red Spot, the best IDEA or how to best share their idea, not moving forward and frustrated with the time that's passing without getting any closer to TEDx. They are not sure exactly what their event organsier want's from them and how to stand out from the pack.  Ultimately a lack of clarity in the whole process of being able to land a TEDx talk!  


I've been working on this very problem since 2015, firstly through my own experience to secure a TEDx talk, then once completed, others started asking me...


"Adam, so how do you get a TEDx talk?"


I began offering advice.  At that point I only had my own experience to go on, so I started researching again, now speaking to other TEDx speakers and TEDx organisers.  In 2018 I began testing the findings, the strategy, insights, processes, hacks in a more systematic way helping clients through my TalkXcelerator process to accelerate their chances. I recently created a masterclass "How To" resource that you can watch below...

Originally from West Sussex in the south of England, I recently achieved a lifelong dream, moving my young family to the United States.


My experience on the RED SPOT has helped make all this a reality.


I did my first TEDx talk in 2016 that led to speaking on stage at multiple industry events, hosting Hollwood redcarpets, international travel, paid keynotes, landing the right clients and all using a simple click to watch a couple of minutes of my TEDx talk. My talk even lead to publishing a bestselling book in late 2018 based on my TEDx talk (which I then used to promote the book as well).


TEDx is such a powerful platform and such a milestone in many people's lives (including mine). I felt called to help others share their message in this way.


I love it! 


If a normal bloke from England can get his ideas onto the TEDx stage, there is no reason you can't get there (a lot quicker) too.

It took me years to achieve my talk, but I have since created The TalkXcelerator Program and want to share my thousands of hours of expertise with you.

Now, you can secure your own talk on the red spot!


Inside the TalkXcelerator, you'll find 10 modules of in-depth video training lessons along with LIVE Q&A meetings and specific action steps week by week. You get pdfs, worksheets, templates, a closed community of others actively on the TalkX hunt and access to "insider" interviews/resources specific to your needs. You'll gain crucial feedback at key stages of your TalkX journey to avoid procrastination and keep things moving for you! 

"Words can't contain my excitement, it's official I'm now a TEDx Speaker.

Massive thanks go to Adam Lewis Walker for spurring me on when I doubted it would ever happen. Before starting on this journey with Adam, I knew about TEDx talks, knew people that had done but didn’t know how to go about getting one for myself I came into the process to work with Adam as he has been there and done it and got the t-shirt with regards to securing his and others TEDx talks.

What I liked most about the process, is that you can go very much at your pace, but you are set weekly accountability tasks to keep you on point and to keep moving forward on this journey. You have access to the material long after you have finished, so if you wanted a better understanding of something you could go back at any time and visit that particular section. What I liked most of all during the process where the regular Q&A calls (competition, reassurance, a different perspective that you may have not thought about). What I appreciated about Adam was his attention to detail and his attentiveness to your individual needs. For example, during the process when you need to go on the hunt for your talk, he asked which events you would like to have more insider knowledge about if he was able to speak to them.

I am a TEDx Speaker as a result of doing Adam’s TalkXcelerator course.

Within a few weeks of starting, I was confident and now had a clear path towards being on the TEDx stage in the coming year. Not forgetting that by week 5 of doing the course I was able to secure a place as guest of honour at an upcoming TEDx in addition to them wanting me to give a TEDx talk at their next event! 

I would highly recommend this course to others, because (I know this sounds cliche) it will open up so many doors and the opportunities, as a result, are endless. My final point and most poignant of all - he gets access to TEDx organisers, including your area, finds out exactly what they are after for this year and as just important the subtle things that turns them off an application!


James Roberts

​Double Paralympian and Transformation Coach (Wales, UK)

Here's an overview of what you're going to get inside The TalkXcelerator Program & Mentoring:

  • Module 1 - TalkX ESSENTIALS 

    FOCUS: Overview/Processes & Why it is a MUST to be featured on the red spot

  • Module 2 - MESSENGER 

    FOCUS: What is your core message

  • Module 3 - THE HUNT

    FOCUS: How to research and find TEDx events for your message

  • Module 4 - THE IDEA

    FOCUS: How to create an “Idea Worth Sharing”

  • Module 5 - APPLICATION

    FOCUS: How to successfully apply yourself to secure your spot

  • Module 6 - TALK CREATION

    FOCUS: How to create your Talk X

  • Module 7 - AMPLIFY YOUR TALK

    FOCUS: How to enhance your powerful signature talk

  • Module 8 - MAKE IT HAPPEN

    FOCUS: Putting yourself out there

  • Module 9 - DO THE WORK

    FOCUS: Rehearse, put the reps in and further enhance your talk

  • Module X - COMPLETION

    FOCUS: Finishing your TalkX ready to deliver the talk of your life 

This core focus is what you need to tune out distractions and gain the confidence that comes from knowing you’re taking the right steps instead of just guessing your way through.

That is only one piece of The TalkXcelerator:

  • Bi-WEEKLY LIVE Q&A with Adam (4 months)

    Accountability to not let the fundamental actions slide while completeing the training modules (plenty of time/self paced). Expert advice from actual experience of going through what you are.  All your individual questions for the past 2 week action/s answered in a real time video meeting. If your not able to attend LIVE, not a problem, get your questions in beforehand and you'll have access to all the recordings to catch up and keep moving forward.



    The TalkXcelerator Community (Students Only)

    Have a pressing question that can't wait until the next Q&A meeting? Can't attend the meeting? This is where you post your questions, actions, wins and challenges 24/7. You’ll also be able to connect with fellow TalkXcelerator students for their feedback and accountability too.  Inside our private TalkXcelerator Group you can get the individual actions and feedback day by day to never get "stuck" on your own TALK journey.



    Expert advice from TEDx speakers actual experience of going through what you are.  Expert advice from TEDx event organisers experience of what they are and are NOT looking for in their next TEDx speaker.  Insider connections and "hacks" to the red dot.



    By the time you have gone through all the trainings, attended all the Q&A calls, put the work in over the months - You will have a quality talk planned, practiced and ready to go.  Here is the problem I experienced:  It is a given for the RED SPOT that your talk is already quality, the bar is raised further, it must be legendary!  At this final stage, before you give your talk, friends, family and collegues are of limited use when it comes to giving you "That is a great talk" feedback (it will be).  We will have a one to one full talk performance rehersal booked in when you are ready and you will get the full Talk-X Masterclass review recorded for you to keep. 



    At every stage of the TalkX journey there are actions to take, some just need that extra bit of support with the right template, worksheet and pdf to really break it down.  We all learn in different ways and these resources are here for you to use as needed to get you closer to your ultimate goal.



      These full raw video interview's specific to you are exlusively part of the TalkXcelerator program.  Every event organiser and event is different.  To make sure you get some specific "insider" information to increase your chances I guarantee at least one interview specifically arranged, recorded and added to our members "vault" from the list you create as part of the TalkXcelerator process.


    • FINALLY...  1-2-1 Lazer focused TalkXcelerator Coach Calls  

      At specific key points of the process, week 4, 12 & 24 for example you will get a one to one call on exactly what you need to achieve your goal.


      + 2x Mastermind calls once per quarter to after the initial Program to support your TalkX quest with like minds and expert advice from all of us on the same mission!  


      I’ll promote your TEDx Talk throughout my social Media on it’s release…              


      I’ll feature you as an expert guest interview on one of my top rated Podcasts in 138+ Countries…                          

    Click the button below to express an interest in the TalkXcelerator 

    "I’m so excited I booked my TEDx Talk!


    I have been working with Adam for about 8 weeks now. I have been showing up doing all the work. If it wasn’t for all that support, the accountability, believing in me I would not have been here - I’m forever grateful"


    NOW as TEDx Speaker in 2021 (during the pandemic):


    "I just wanted to take a moment and to say thank you so much for all that you've done for me these past seven months.


    Helping me create my speech, helping me deliver my speech, helping give me the proper components because at the virtual conference yesterday I can tell you that based on the feedback I killed the speech, I killed it with compassion, I killed it with gestures and I killed it with my message.


    I just wanted to give you a call and just let you know thank you so much for helping me, not giving up on me and helping me through this process. I really truly appreciate you, our friendship and what we are able to create together. I just wanted to share that with you, thank you, thank you, thank you, I absolutely adore you.”


    Michelle Mehta

    ​Teen Confidence Expert and Bestselling Author  (CA, USA)

    Original testimonial (above)

    "Talk Secured" testimonial (below) *4 months after beginning.


    "I have had some exciting news, my application for a TEDx talk has been accepted...

    "I cannot overstate the value of having a sounding board for your ideas, questions, confusions, and worries throughout the TEDx journey.


    If you commit, Adam matches your commitment to getting the best results from your efforts. Adam helps you every step of the way, making certain your efforts are will targeted to obtaining your ideal Tedx Talk.


    The TalkXcelerator program is life-changing. I highly recommend working with Adam on your TEDx Talk. Working with Adam, you will soon find yourself adding "TEDx Speaker" to your accomplishments."


    Judeanne Armenti

    Concert Experience Expert (PA, United States)



    Why is a TEDx Talk so valuable?

    Many see it as a major public relations win and they'd be right!  The TED platform has grown exponentially along with its popularity and many famous thought leaders have given their talk. Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Simon Sinek, David Blaine, Sir Ken Robinson and many more. Who wouldn't want to join that list?


    Not suprisingly, it turns out that many people do want to give a TEDx talk and here's why... 


    "In the last three decades TED talks have become cultural phenomenon and an increasingly important credential for those in business and entertainment"


    Fortunately the TED and TEDx stage isn’t just for famous people. Many of the most popular talks were delivered by people who were relatively unknown before their talks went viral.  Unless your a TED geek like me, no one really differentiate's between TED and TEDx talks when it comes to credibility and association with the TED brand.  Yes I want to do a TED talk one day, but it is A LOT harder to get on that stage and the main extra return in comparisson to TEDx would be to feed an ego!


    Get your idea out there. Compared to books, blog posts, interviews and media coverage, the TEDx talk blows them all out of the water.  It only takes is 10-18 minutes of you on that famous red spot to bring you and your idea to the next level.  A TEDx talk is the best thing you can do for yourself.


    It positions you as an expertDoes a future business partner or client want to know more about what you do? Shoot them your talk link. Include it in your email signature so when someone reaches out to you to work with you, they already see you as an expert and understand what your all about.


    Build your personal brand.  With the huge size and credibility of the platform it’s an incredibly powerful way to build a brand. Feature it and the link on all your social media profiles


    Delivering a great TEDx talk might be even more valuable for your career than making your book a Best Seller, since so many people watch great TEDx talks on YouTube. If it is great, it might well be seen on YouTube by hundreds of thousands of people all around the world – promoting you and your message for years to come. 


    Use it as your speaker reel. oIf you follow the steps in finding the right TEDx event you will get a highly polished and professional video of your performance.  TED never pays any of it's speakers, they understand you get a lot from the exposure and it is an investment in your future. That video alone is worth your investment of time and resources.


    The social proof alone can bring you more business. It has had a financial impact for me.  Each person's experience is different in exactly what it can bring, but a TEDx talk is definately one of the most valuable assets that a ambitious professional can have.


    Authors and aspiring authors. Want to write a book or your next book? Doing a TEDx talk can be a major boost to book sales, landing a publisher and gaining support for turning your ideas into a bestseller.


    Credibility. Imagine someone Googling your name and the first thing they see is a TEDx talk with thousands of views.  It changes peoples perception.  

    • How The TalkXcelerator Will Help

      You Secure Your Talk 

    • A clear step by step process to follow 

    • Accountability to not let this go to "maybe next year"

    • Expert advice from experience of being in your shoes

    • Idea, Pitch and Talk Creation Essentials You Need 

    • TalkX Community for Group and indivdual support

    • Insider connections to your relevant Talk events 

    • Time Saving "Hacks" To The Red Dot 

    • Individual actions and feedback daily to never get "stuck" 

    • Long Term Support To Achieve Your Talk On That Stage 

    Today, you can begin to take charge and secure your own Talk or you can continue to wait for the "call" while others go get it...

    But there is also a cost of inaction:

    • Waiting to be "discovered" is the wrong mindset, it will cost you years of frustration and lost income potential from exposure to potential clients.
    • Not just financial, what if it all ended tomorrow?  What legacy would you leave today? What message would live on?
    • What is the cost to your loved one's and to your mentality from not stepping up to play a bigger game?
    • The cost of all the events you can speak at and get paid keynotes once you have delivered your 10-18 minute talk?
    • How much does lost major media attention, securing a book deal and meeting influential people cost you in just one year? Now imagine 3, 5 and 10 years time!


    (book in below)

    When you enroll in TalkXcelerator you get access to this... 

    • 10 Critical video lessons for every step to secure your talk.

      ($3,000 value)

    • 4 Months LIVE bi-weekly Q&A meetings with Adam

      ($3,000 value)

    • TalkXcelerator Community (Students Only)

      ($3,000 value)

    • Insiders Interviews & Resources Vault 

      ($2,500 value)

    • TalkX masterclass review (individual)

      ($1,000 value)

    • Personalised event organiser "insider interview"

      ($1,000 value)

    • 1 Year Talk-X-Mastermind (Quarterly Meetings)

      ($2,500 value)

    • Templates/Pdf's/Worksheets

      ($997 value)

    • Post Talk promotion of your time on the red dot

      ($997 value)

    • Post TalkX podcast featured guest expert

      ($1,500 value)

    • $20,000 total value packed inside The TalkXcelerator Progam & Mentoring!